How to stop signs of aging

THE AGING PROCESS VARIES FROM PERSON TO PERSON. As the years go by your skin’s structure changes – even for those who follow a strict anti-aging regime.

There are two types of aging:

CHRONOLOGICAL AGING is the clock you were born with. It’s hereditary and inevitably leads to natural collagen and fat loss that contributes to expression lines and lax skin. With menopause and hormone changes, skin will become drier and thinner. Unfortunately, there is nothing that stops this type of aging. Fortunately it’s only responsible for about 10% of the visible signs of aging.

ENVIRONMENTAL AGING is due to our lifestyles; what we eat, how much sun exposure, smoking, drinking, our diet, etc. Environmental aging is largely preventable, controllable and correctable. 90% of the signs of aging are due to these outside influences and of the 90%, 80% is due to the sun.

We may not be able to stay youthful forever, but we can fend off many of the signs of aging by just altering our lifestyles. An anti-aging regime focuses on improving your lifestyle, making sure that you have a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise regularly, stop smoking, and avoid excess sun exposure.

However, even the most rigorous anti-aging regime is not going to reverse damage that has already been done. Dermatologists now recognize that on average we acquire 80% of our lifetime sun exposure before we reached the age of 18. So how do you correct damage that is already done, but has taken 20 years to show itself on the surface?

Slowing down the visible signs of aging takes an internal and an external beauty approach which Nordic Selfcare Institute continues to seek.

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