Success Strategies

We at Nordic Selfcare Institute, continue to innovate with solutions that eliminate the guess work and help you accelerate the introductions of emerging skinhealth treatments . Sourced from ethical suppliers in Switzerland, Sweden.Denmark,Spain , USA and Germany, we have established a viable and ongoing relationships with business families and inventors who have researched and pioneered successful process .

We are the people who first introduced some twenty years ago the worlds first anti-aging skin care nutrient, a tablet, from Denmark called IMEDEEN. We also introduced a topical from the USA called Skinceuticals.

In 2002 we introduced a microneedling therapy for skin rejuvenation that was previously used by Dermatologists as an independent anti-aging treatment; but new studies and evidence we have since gathered show that pre-treatment with microneedles do increase the penetration and therefore serum concentration and therapeutic effect of topical treatments.

Nordic Selfcare Institute enjoys the role of being the gateway for introducing a series of integrated solutions from emerging Skin health markets that provide evidence based treatment, inspire clients and provide high margins



Speed and efficiency are paramount ingredients to success in today’s North American market. The experts in regulatory affairs at NØRDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE liaise with all health authorities and regulatory bodies to complete all necessary compliance procedures with minimal delay.

Our experts are versed in all areas and levels of regulatory affairs and efficacies, from GMP, USP, ISO and compliance’s to FDA, Health Canada, medical endorsements, monograms, clinical trials and advertising standards, and legal requirements in both Canada and the U.S.

Profiled in our proprietary databases are over 60,000 medical practitioners, 1200 hospitals, and a network of alternative medical practitioners and advocacy groups.

Through the use of cause marketing, NØRDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE has served as a pioneer developing and launching awareness forums for breast cancer, menopause and depression. We also work with several national and international charities and foundations.

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