about our company

Your North American Selfcare Marketing Partner
NØRDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE is a forefront provider of multi-disciplined market development services. Using proven business strategies and situation specific marketing tactics, NØRDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE helps pharmaceutical and prestige skincare manufacturers introduce premium skincare products to the North American market.

Our Key Features

  • 1- Sole and exclusive canadian distributors for medical grade skin health products and technologies.
  • 2- Over 30 years of research, sourcing and introducing premium prestige European skin health products.
  • 3- Leading distributor of high margin niche products backed by clinical studies and evidence from the fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine.
  • 4- Building loyalty and relationship.
  • 5- On going training

Our approach to brand marketing is long-term and the products we bring to the market are carefully selected based on quality and market potential, with emphasis on the areas of nutrition, women’s health. We are thoroughly committed to the brands we carry and our management team ensures consistency of communication and protection of brand equity. We help build and develop powerful brands capable of sustained market growth.

Working with NØRDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE means working with experienced professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of regulatory and industry requirements.

Based in Toronto, Canada, NØRDIC SELFCARE INSTITUTE is your North American market partner.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 Session starts from 10:00am to 5:00pm
for 20 participants on a first come basis